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Reel Insights: May Newsletter

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Win More Clients Through Video Marketing: 7 Top Tips for Video Marketing success 

With video marketing becoming THE most effective and powerful method of engaging with your target markets, the team here at Reels in Motion have put together a FREE guide for how you can transform your organisation’s goals through video marketing. 

Our 7 Top Tips include:

    1. Make the most out of your video marketing projects

    1. When planning your video, start with the end in mind

    1. Focus On Your Ideal Buyer Persona

    1. Define the Purpose of Your Video

    1. Determine Your Budget & KPI’s

    1. Build a Team that Fits Your Needs

    1. Have a Clear Plan in Place

Reels Climb the Top 50 UK Corporate Production Companies

We are proud to announce that for the 3rd year running Reels in Motion have been included in the prestigious EVCOM Top 50 list. As our industry’s most prestigious benchmark of quality and excellence, we are proud to be representing Staffordshire in the list once again. A big thank you to EVCOM and a huge congratulations to all the team here at Reels.   

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Going for Gold in the EVCOM Clarion Awards

Reels are also very happy to announce we have been shortlisted for the upcoming EVCOM Clarion Awards. The prestigious awards celebrate excellence in corporate brand and film, with particular focus on cause-driven topics, such as sustainability and social awareness.

This year we have entered our planet-saving story of sustainability heroes Slicker Recycling in the categories of Environmental, Education & Training, and Brand Communication.

Laura Carter – Joint Managing Director Slicker Recycling said:
“We would like to say a massive thank you to you all for your outstanding work you did for Slicker Recycling’s video production. The hard work and attention to detail is evident in every frame. You helped us make this project happen and getting our message out there with Erika leading at the forefront. We look forward to working with you again in the future.”

Slicker Recycling Newsletter Feature

Project of the Month
: Open Space Concepts

With Summer nearly here (looks up nervously at threatening clouds whilst scraping ice off windshield) our project of the month is Open Space Concepts. OSC create beautiful outdoor living spaces which can be enjoyed with friends and family all year round.

As part of their project, we developed a SkyAdsmart TV commercial.  SkyAdsmart is a revolutionary service that has changed the scope of television advertising. In the modern lens of Marketing, TV campaigns are sometimes seen as the “less smart” way to advertise due to it’s lack of targeting ability. SkyAdsmart has bridged the gap between this traditional marketing method with the modern day, meaning that you can now target your audience in their own homes with your advert!

This means, you can finally monitor the ROI of your TV Campaigns – and you can deliver specific messaging to exactly who fits your buyer persona.

Jamie Jones – Marketing Manager Open Space Concepts said:
“We engaged with Matt at Reels in Motion towards the end of 2022 to start brainstorming our TV ad. Once we entered sunnier climates around April 2023 we had our ad produced and we were live on TV within 4 weeks. Stress free process and would highly recommend.”

Open Space Concepts Newsletter Featuire

Increase your leads, engagement, and clients through Video Marketing 

For anyone looking to supercharge their marketing and sales through video, Reels in Motion provide a FREE video marketing consultation service. To Learn more, please reach out to the team here

That’s it for the first edition of the Reel Insights Newsletter – Keep it Reels!