Promotional Videos

You have one chance to impress your next customer, don’t waste it!

Promotional videos are an indispensable marketing tool in today’s digital age, where video reigns supreme as the most effective medium for communication. Organisations worldwide are harnessing the power of video to engage their audiences, both internally and externally. The significance of video communication has been further accentuated in the post-pandemic world, where virtual interactions have become the norm. Reels in Motion has a proven track record of creating impactful promotional films for industry giants like JCB, Michelin, Barclays, and Land Rover, as well as emerging businesses recognising the value of video marketing. With our expertise, we ensure that your promotional video captures the essence of your brand, products, or services, setting you apart in the competitive market. Trust us to deliver compelling video content that resonates with your target audience, driving long-term success in your marketing efforts.

promotional video

Why Use a Promotional Video

Promote Service

Show the quality of your offering and increase sales.

Build Trust

Let your loyal customers promote your business first hand.

Showcase Products

Take your products to the customer through promotional video content.

Increase Profile

We tell your story, no more the best kept secret.

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Promotional Film
Promotional Film




Frequently Asked

What should my video marketing budget be for the year?

That depends on the objectives you have for the video content and the ROI you are looking to achieve.  If one new customer acquisition generates £5,000 and the promotional film budget was £15,000 you will see a very quick return as long as the production company has delivered to generate those new customers.

In our 20 years of producing video content a Promotional film is one of the best ways to introduce video marketing into your organisation.  You are taking your service or product directly to your audience.  Showing them the benefits and why they should buy from you. 

Visual authority of your product or service.  If possible, also include a customer giving a first-hand account of how good your product or service is.  One of the most powerful marketing tools is customer affirmation something as customers have looked at for years in written form, now you can supercharge that by putting your customers on screen to sell your product or service for you.

A very common questions and one that depends on the end in mind or more specifically how your audience (customer) will be viewing your promotional film.  For example if you have the customers undivided attention and they are in effect a captive audience then the film can be longer and more in-depth.  However, if you are trying to grab a customer’s attention on social for a click through then it needs to be much shorter and conscious with the key triggers for a customer to purchase to be front and centre.