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Video Marketing content no longer a nice to have, Now a must-have for any marketing strategy.

Video marketing is the now at the forefront of any marketing strategy.  Long gone are the days when a potential client will sit and read a marketing brochure.  The world we live in means that everything needs to be instant and the window to attract new customers have never been smaller.  Reels in Motion understand that we need to grab attention, stop the scrolling and make sure our clients stand out from their competition.  Video Marketing is key to this as it is the most powerful marketing method we have.  So much can be achieved in a 10-second Marketing Video and the impact that can have against a paragraph of copy is huge.  The team at Reels in Motion can either develop your video marketing concept or they can be your production team to deliver your video marketing strategy that has either been developed by an in-house marketing team or a 3rdparty marketing agency.  Either way, the team at Reels in Motion will ensure that your marketing video is delivered to the highest standard and delivers the desired results.

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Why Use Video Marketing


Instantly eye-catching to grab your viewers’ attention and help you stand out.

Simplify Complexity*

Allowing to simplify complex concepts by visualising them in a clear, concise manner.

Increase Engagement*

This can lead to longer viewing times and
a higher likelihood of conversion.

Enhance Brand*

Incorporating brand elements such as logos and colours, reinforces your brand identity.

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Promotional Film
Promotional Film




Frequently Asked

We haven’t commissioned Video Marketing content before where shall we start.

Any reasonable production company should offer a level of advice at the outset and be clear about how to structure a campaign, the timescales it will take and the budget required.  Review the work of one or two video production companies you like and reach out to them.

We work both ways and both are often different in our approach.  When we are brought through an agency, the Video marketing aspect is part of a much wider strategy that the agency are leading on.  We will offer our expertise from a video aspect, as that’s what we are the specialists at.  If we work direct with the marketing team of the organisation we often lead more on the creatives and guide how the video marketing content can be added to the existing marketing collateral.

I am afraid it does depend.  Reels in Motion have turned complete projects around in a mater of weeks But have also worked on projects for a whole year.  It depends on the brief and what we are producing.

Not with Reels in Motion, we are a full service video production company and have all the skills and people needed employed at the company to take your project from concept to delivery.  However not everyone works like this if you opt for a videographer, they maybe would then need to offer a scriptwriter or an animator.  While a freelancer may seem like a low-cost option to begin with, be careful that you don’t have to put together an expensive team.  Some small production companies will claim to do everything, but can just two people have all the skills to deliver an award-winning piece of video marketing content.

Our advice would be to talk the project through with a production company.  Some productions need actors or models, a specialist location, travel and accommodation, specialist music, voice over, the list can be long! At Reels, we pride ourselves on being open and transparent about these costs.  That’s why we build the trusting relationships that see us retaining clients for over 15 years.  A good production company with a track record and years in the industry will know how to stretch a budget and get the best possible result for the client’s budget.