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Corporate Video Production

A corporate video plays a pivotal role in any business’s marketing strategy, offering various benefits. It is imperative to showcase your corporate video on YouTube, in tandem with shorter clips on social channels that direct viewers to the full-length video incorporating a call to action. With vast experience in producing corporate videos, Reels in Motion manage all aspects from concept ideation and script creation to production and delivery. Our results-oriented approach is designed to maximize our clients’ return on investment, as we operate under the philosophy that our work is continuously assessed based on our latest project achievements.

Why Use Our Corporate Service?

Enhance Brand

Use video to promote your brand through your online presence.

Increase Profile

A corporate video from us will increase your profile and generate sales.


We are storytellers and will work with you to create a corporate video that elevates your organisation in your sector.

Marketing Strategy

Video is critical to any medium size organisation marketing strategy. The once Nice to have is NOW the Must have.

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Frequently Asked

The benefit of video is clear, BUT where do I begin from a marketing aspect.

The way to begin is research a possible provider that offers a no cost conversation.  Any good video production company understands marketing budgets because they work with clients of your size that have a marketing strategy and budget.  Let them guide you, they should be talking about your objectives, client base, the business, KPI’s etc. 

During the development stage there are of course costs that are hard to budget for, an example being actors’ costs or voice over costs.  These can differ a lot depending on the level of talent required, especially in a broadcast project.  However, a good video agency should be able to give you a ballpark based on limited information.

At Reels in Motion, we are very transparent about costs.  Producing a corporate video is comparable to most creative processes.  The more time you have, the better the output ‘should’ be.  So at Reels, we work in time and can help you understand how long aspects production process should take.  Some talking head interviews in London will take a lot less time than filming the new Jaguar around the Amalfi Coast. Editing a 60-second Corporate video will take less time than editing a 2-minute Corporate video. Once you understand the time needed, you can start to create your budget.

Good question and a key one why Reels in Motion are very different to many standard production companies.  We sit as one of the Top 50 because like our peers in that list this is one of the most important questions and also why we have clients who have worked with us for 15 years.  What next depends on you!  Your sector! Your product! Your businesses!  This is where you should be WOWED by the agencies you speak to.  We can’t give too much away on this one, get in touch for more info!

The way in which we work with our clients is as followed, It’s pretty standard but may differ slightly.  So the brief, cost and objectives have been presented, agreed and signed off.  It’s now time to begin the production process.  Firstly Pre-Production, so depending on the brief for your corporate video this could include, Scripting, storyboarding, casting, location sourcing, researching, scheduling and general planning.  Once script, boards and cast or LOCKED.  We begin the Production of your Corporate Video, so the filming!  This could involve a crew of 2 of a crew of 20, again depending on your brief, goals and budget.  Next Post-Production, that’s when we bring it all together, editing, sound design, voiceover, animation, grading.  Also request at least 2 rounds of edit notes any production company who tries to charge additionally for that is not being fair.  Finally, if your corporate video is purely for online it’s time to deliver.