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Sky Adsmart TV Campaign for Open Space Concepts

For any organisation who needs to reach a national audience but find the costs associated with producing and then running a full television advertising campaign prohibitive, a Sky Adsmart campaign can be the perfect solution. Sky Adsmart works by ‘streaming’ your 30s video during a commercial break to any household in the country who has a Sky TV package.  You can target a very specific audience profile – for example, if your core market was 30-40 year old men and you were based in the North-West, SkyAdsmart would only stream your video to that demographic in that area. This saves huge investment on blanket advertising to the nation, and also delivers very specific video market targeting.

For Open Space Concepts, they wanted to promote their amazing (and very beautiful) outdoor living spaces to 50+ couples in several geographical areas in the UK over a specific 2 week period before Christmas.

As a specialist Sky Admart provider, Reels in Motion worked with Open Space Concepts to develop, write, produce and deliver a 30s video which would appeal to their target audience.

Just as with full network TV advertising, the video must be pre-approved by ClearCast before it is allowed to air. Reels in Motion are very experienced in delivering this complex part of the process for our clients, which removes the stress, workload and resources required from them, and leaves them to do what they do best.

“We engaged with Matt at Reels in Motion towards the end of 2022 to start brainstorming our TV ad. Once we entered sunnier climates around April 2023 we had our ad produced and we were live on TV within 4 weeks. Stress free process and would highly recommend.”

Jamie Jones – Marketing Manager Open Space Concepts

Reels in Motion are an agency that understand the Sky Adsmart model and when it will be successful for their clients. They deliver quality, understand the process and are a pleasure to deal with.

Jack Philips – Sky

If you’re trying to reach a specific audience in the comfort of their own homes and are not getting the results you require from pay-per-click, paid-social, or social media advertising, then Sky Admart could be great solution for you. Speak to one of the friendly and knowledgeable team at Reels in Motion if you have any questions.

Video on Demand advertising has levelled the playing field.

Who Made it Happen

Joe Gordon

Joe is one of the founders of Reels in Motion and leads the Production team at Reels in Motion.

Andrew Smith

Andrew is a first class Videographer and has years of production experience. He often solo shoots and an excellent additional par on hands when it come to post-production.

Carl Powell

Carl is a Senior Production Manager at Reels in Motion. He is involved with projects from the concept right through to delivery.

Phil Bland

Phil is the Creative Director at Reels in Motion and also one of the founders.

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