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Creative Corporate video that entertains as well as informs.

At Reels in Motion we strongly believe that your video marketing content should match what you and your organisation stands for and what your values are. So when Slicker Recycling told us that they were fun, quirky, and liked doing things a little but differently, we thought that sounded like a perfect recipe for a brilliant video. These values, combined with the fact that what they do (they take waste oil and recycle it back into new oil to be reused) genuinely has a huge impact on sustainability and protecting the world we all live in, we knew this was a fantastic opportunity to create something special for them. A video which would not only inform their audience, but entertain and inspire them too.

After carrying out a discovery session with the client to learn more about what they do, the creative team at Reels in Motion put together 6x original ideas/approaches and presented them to the senior stakeholders at Slicker. These approaches varied in style, themes and, well, let’s be honest, in how crazy they were!

The client then picked their favourite idea, added their own input into it, and the brief was set. The video must be presenter-led, must be quirky, must be different to all of their competitors, and it must empower people to know that they can make a difference and save the world.

The completed video took two months to create, five days to film – including a trip to Denmark, filming on-location at garages and car dealerships, as well re-creating the Nakatomi Plaza and Raiders of the Lost Ark in our studio – and two weeks to edit.

We would like to say a massive thank you to you all for your outstanding work you did for Slicker Recycling’s video production. The hard work and attention to detail is evident in every frame. You helped us make this project happen and getting our message out there with Erika leading at the forefront. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Laura Carter – Joint Managing Director Slicker Recycling

This has been one of my first major commercials at Reels in Motion. To see how the team work and the quality of the finished film makes me very very proud to be part of this team. Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith – Reels in Motion

Who Made it Happen

Joe Gordon

Joe is one of the founders of Reels in Motion and leads the Production team at Reels in Motion.

Andrew Smith

Andrew is a first class Videographer and has years of production experience. He often solo shoots and an excellent additional par on hands when it come to post-production.

Emilia Drag

Emilia or Em is one of the videographers at Reels in Motion.

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