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EVCOM UK Top 50 List: Reels Climb the List

The annual list ranks video producers on the scale and success of their company, and on the quality and impact of their work. 

Since first applying in 2019, it has always been a core goal of Reels in Motion to be included in the EVCOM UK Top 50 List, and to climb the ranks year on year. Achieving this would support our goal of continued growth and improvement that we are dedicated too as a business.

So, when the 2024 list was announced in late March, we were absolutely thrilled to be included once again, and to improve on our position in 2023.

UK Top 50 List

What does entering the UK Top 50 list mean for Reels?

We were once asked by a fellow video producer if being in the Top 50 directly impacted on increasing our sales – and if it didn’t, ultimately what was the point? Good question, but with an easy answer.

Being included in the UK Top 50 isn’t about sales for us (although we have found that for some of our clients it is a factor in deciding to work with us), it is about rewarding and recognising the work and efforts of the whole team here at Reels in Motion.

It is about recognition that our production team are continuing to deliver quality and effective videos, it is recognition that the company isn’t resting on it’s laurels but continues to grow and improve, and it is recognition that everyone within the company fully buys into our values (We are Creatives, Professionals, and Relationship-builders) and put’s them into every project we deliver.

So thank you again EVCOM. For us it isn’t just a logo to put on a proposal, it is a huge boost to everyone at Reels and lets us all know we are on the right tracks.

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