Captivating audiences with the power of animation.

Animations, animated videos, and infographics are a very powerful and cost-effective way of promoting your business, service, or process. Where a live action film of a highly complex process would require a potentially large budget, an animation of the same process would cost a lot less. Animation videos can easily be adapted for multiple countries and audiences and have a multitude of uses across your marketing strategy. Reels in Motion has a full in-house animation team, meaning we handle the concept creation, storyboarding and scripting as well as the animation and delivery.

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Why Use Animation?

Grab Attention

Instantly eye-catching to grab your viewers’ attention and help you stand out.

Simplify Complexity

Allowing to simplify complex concepts by visualising them in a clear, concise manner.

Increase Engagement

This can lead to longer viewing times and
a higher likelihood of conversion.

Enhance Brand

Incorporating brand elements such as logos and colours, reinforces your brand identity.

Our recent Animation project

Promotional Film
Promotional Film




Frequently Asked

Why would I choose animation over live action.

Good question and there can be many reasons, and Reels in Motion would always advise if animation was a better approach than life action.  A couple of examples would be if you are trying to detail and explain a highly technical pieces of software or in-depth manufacturing process where filming may not be suitable.  Our animation team can then bring this to life and explain the software or process in a clear and concise film.

It completely depends. If the live action brief was a 5-day, multi-location with actors against a 90-second animation, then the animation would certainly have a low budget.  However, if the live action film was a piece to camera in one location and the animation was 5 minutes and had a high profile, well recognisable voiceover then the animation would have the higher budget. A good production team will guide you and should advise you on what will get you the best results.

Some other advantages of using animation rather than live action are that animations can be produced in a tighter schedule. Changes are easier to make should the film need an altering in the future, maybe new branding, new legislation or a change in personal. These would require minimal work compared to a live action film that would require new shoots and full edit.

At Reels in Motion, we tend to find that industries that are process lead or data heavy benefit the most from an animation approach. We have numerous clients in the software and tech sectors.  These clients use animation as a tool to deliver complex information about the business either for a sales tool or training and development.  Manufacturing is also a sector that we find benefits from an animation film.

Animation team can then bring this to life and explain the software or process in a clear and concise film.