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A VOD Commercial for FFS Love Island campaign

Reels in Motion worked with Unknown Marketing and the internal marketing team at FFS to deliver a VOD advert for ITV Hub to run during the summers popular Love Island Programme.  The target demographic for FFS consumer sits right into the Love Island audience and this was supported by data from ITV Hub.  Reels in Motion delivered the project from concept, through casting and all pre-production elements.  Phil Bland lead as Director with Joe Gordon as DOP.  We worked with the extremely talented Annabella King.  Shot on location within the Midlands the team includes nods to the popular show yet still remaining on brand with clear messaging of the product.


After production Reels in Motion handled all the Post at their studio headquarters in Stoke on Trent and also the process for delivering for broadcast.  Working with clear cast to take the film through quality control and then the final delivery to ITV.  As we see the increase in how consumers view content the VOD approach for brands who haven’t had the budgets previously for Broadcast and certainly didn’t believe they would get the Return on Investment are now exploring Video on Demand.  Brands that have a can identify their customer personage and offer data that matches that personage can then target those viewers through Sky Adsmart and ITV Hub so that their budget is only been spend on their customer base.  Please view our VOD Blog for more information or get in touch we are a preferred partner for Sky Adsmart and Delivered numerous projects to ITV Hub also.

The final delivery was a 30 second advert with Annabella the lead.  Her performance is fun and very relatable to the consumer.  It was very well received, and the client had excellent results.  FFS are a very exciting client they have a very creative internal marketing team who understand their consumer wants and needs to the point.  Reels in Motion have produced a range social content as we continue to support their marketing team.

Sky Adsmart has given every business a pathway to TV commercials.

Who Made it Happen

Joe Gordon

Joe is one of the founders of Reels in Motion and leads the Production team at Reels in Motion.

Holly Friesner

Holly is one of the videographers at Reels in Motion.

Matt Hubbard

Matt is the Account Director at Reels in Motion and manages clients through to Pre Production. He is also a Reels in Motion founder.

Phil Bland

Phil is the Creative Director at Reels in Motion and also one of the founders.

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