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Reels in Motion were commissioned by VX Fibre to promote the roll out of their full fibre network throughout the city of Stoke on Trent.  Reels produced a series of videos as part of a much larger awareness and education campaign.  The works that Lila Connect had to carry out through the city was (as expected) quite disruptive.  The brief for this particular film Lila Connect in the Community was to show the effort and additional offering that Lila Connect was making during this time of work on the infrastructure of a full fibre provision to a city.

This involved things like a free coffee station on the road that was being worked on, the offer for car and drive cleaning once works in your area had finished.  Lila Connect information officers walking around communities offering information and support where needed.

Reels in Motion produced and offered full creative direction for the complete project.  This included casting of the artists in the film and scheduling of the production that saw shoots taking place over several weeks over the whole of the Stoke on Trent area.  Both the client and their partner Stoke on Trent city council found that the video was an excellent addition to the information they shared with the public and played a keep part in the forums and neighbourhood meetings that took place just before a new area was worked upon.

Who Made it Happen

Joe Gordon

Joe is one of the founders of Reels in Motion and leads the Production team at Reels in Motion.

Holly Friesner

Holly is one of the videographers at Reels in Motion.

Carl Powell

Carl is a Senior Production Manager at Reels in Motion. He is involved with projects from the concept right through to delivery.

Phil Bland

Phil is the Creative Director at Reels in Motion and also one of the founders.

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All Commercials

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