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A Promotional online video series for the county of Staffordshire

Some projects are a simple joy to produce!  Reels in Motion were chosen as the Video production agency to deliver this series of online promotional videos for We are Staffordshire.  The brief was simple to showcase the county of Staffordshire with 4 themes LIVE, INVEST, PLACE and SKILLS.  Lead producer for this was Phil Bland and Reels in Motion handled logistics casting, scheduling and scripting through the Pre _production stage.  With such a vast number of locations, cast and contributors this was a heavy Pre Production project.  From filming in the Roaches at dusk to evening drinks at the award winning Moddershall Oaks the Production Unit spent a 2 week period capturing the essence of Staffordshire and what makes it a fantastic place to visit, live, invest or study.  The series of films formed an integral part of the We Are Staffordshire marketing strategy and played a key part in the organisations attendance at MIPIM and be reference as a example of best practice to other organisations promoting other counties in the UK. Other locations involved in the production include the tourist attractions Alton Towers Theme park and resort, Water World and the award winning Telegraph featured Tawney Hotel.  All participants within the film are within the credits of the films.

These films are so far beyond our expectations in terms of quality and project management. To have such a talented video production agency with over 20 year’s experience right here in Staffordshire just helps reinforce our message. Thank you Reels you really are excellent!

Louise Shaw – We are Staffordshire 

We were extremely honoured to be chosen and tasked with the responsibility of promoting our home county. I worked with an exceptional team both directly as well as all other contributors. We are very proud of this series.

Phil Bland – Director

A lot of early mornings and late nights were needed to capture everything needed for this series.  It was a very intense shoot due to the number of locations and talent involved.  As well as the pressure we put ourselves under to not only show that this is one of the very best places to live in the UK but we are one of the very best Video Production companies in the UK to get that message across.

Commitment to the project

Who Made it Happen

Joe Gordon

Joe is one of the founders of Reels in Motion and leads the Production team at Reels in Motion.

Holly Friesner

Holly is one of the videographers at Reels in Motion.

Matt Hubbard

Matt is the Account Director at Reels in Motion and manages clients through to Pre Production. He is also a Reels in Motion founder.

Phil Bland

Phil is the Creative Director at Reels in Motion and also one of the founders.

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