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An inspirational video for the organisations annual conference

Reels in Motions brief was to produce an inspirational film for Aspire Housing to show to all employees and stakeholders at the annual conference.  After digging deeper and speaking with a wider catchment at the organisation it was clear that the culture has been lost slight through rapid growth, some senior leadership changes and new offerings.  Through these discussions it was clear just how important and well regarded the organisation was by everyone we talked to but the sense of togetherness had been lost. It was a case of individual pride about Aspire rather than a collective power.  This can often be the case when large organisations grow and have to adapt.

Our approach to this video project was to develop a way of including as many people as possible to bring the film together.  It was clear that senior team thought so highly of everyone within the organisation and we just need to use this film to show that and reconnect everyone to the organisation.  We decided that to achieve that we had to stay clear of any levels of hierarchy and everyone from CEO to support worker was included in the same way.  The method for that you will see in the conclusion of the film. The films narration was delivered from a professional voiceover artist which again was a decision we made in preference to be narrated by someone at senior level internally which is often the case in a film of this nature.

As an organisation we could not be more delighted with the work that Reels in Motion has produced and how they told the Aspire Story. We spoke to several other production companies but Reels in Motion where head and shoulders above the rest in terms of creativity and quality. The film is a legacy piece, thank you Matt, Phil and all the guys you really are top of your industry.

Tracey Johnson MBE – HR Director Aspire Housing

It’s been a real pleasure working on this project. Aspire is a fantastic organisation and the work they are doing is amazing. To be given the opportunity to bring this to the screen was a real pleasure. Definitely a piece of work we as a company are very proud of.

Matt Hubbard – Reels in Motion

This type of project is where Reels in Motion add a huge amount of experience and track record of success.  Telling the story of an organisation with video is difficult but done well is really powerful, engaging and inspiring.  Video marketing and video production has so many uses especially in the digital landscape we are now in and we are finding short form social content on every platform, but giving a film time to tell a story and create emotion and connection with the audience remains one of if not the most successful use of video.

A very well received project.

Who Made it Happen

Joe Gordon

Joe is one of the founders of Reels in Motion and leads the Production team at Reels in Motion.

Matt Hubbard

Matt is the Account Director at Reels in Motion and manages clients through to Pre Production. He is also a Reels in Motion founder.

Phil Bland

Phil is the Creative Director at Reels in Motion and also one of the founders.

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