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Reels in Motion have seen the world of the ‘commercial’ change significantly.  Once upon a time, only a service affordable to big brands driven through big agencies with massive budgets to broadcast the finished film.  The commercial service now is very different for 2 reasons, Firstly a Commercial can be produced purely for an online campaign, many well-known brands look at YouTube as a channel for their Commercials and we can work with you to utilise the same platform. 

Secondly, the arrival of Video on Demand and the advertising opportunism that have been created by Sky Adsmart and ITV Hub just to mention a couple.  These changes have seen us work with many new clients who we have produced commercials for and taken them through the entire process.  Similar to all video marketing content Reels in Motion can create the concept for the commercial or work with an in-house Marketing team on their brief or the company’s advertising agency.  Our in-house team will take an idea and then develop it offering all the services you need in house for a full script to screen delivery.

Why produce your Commercial with Reels in Motion?

Targeted Approach

Specifically target your customer persona through the data analytics provided by a VOD broadcaster.

Track Record

We have a track record of full process and managing a client’s commercial distribution.

Full Service

Our team can deliver your commercial with our in-house team to ensure we put as much of your budget onto the screen.


Our 20 year’s experience ensures we bring a strategic approach to your commercial.

Some of our recent Commercials





Frequently Asked

We work closely with an advertising agency, but they don’t have an inhouse video department, how would it work if we engaged Reels in Motion.

Reels in Motion are the chosen supplier for video production services to numerous agencies and have delivered multiple commercials in collaboration.  Whether that is we are solely the production company working with a Creative Director from the agency or that we fully lead on production to the brief from our agency partner.  We pride ourselves on building relationship and working together for the best result for our client. 

A common question and 2 main factors to consider are the Production budget, what will it cost to produce my commercial and then the VOD broadcasting budget.  With the production budget Reels in Motion would help you map out the budget based on things like, how many actors are required in the film, how many locations, what type of music etc.  we have produced commercials for as little as £10,000.  In terms of VOD budget again its driven by the reach you want to achieve and can either be dictated by you as client or the broadcaster based on who you want to reach.  A campaign can start from £10,000 but we are confident that once you see the results you will see what can be achieved with this strategy.