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The marketing team at Hallmark Electronics approached Reels in Motion with no brief but simply they wanted to show the businesses scale through the use of video.  They wanted to show their clients the scale of the businesses as many clients were oversees and had never seen the size of the business.  This is a very common problem for our manufacturing clients and video is an excellent way to take the business to the client rather than having to bring clients from all over the world to their premises especially when the company has a strong obligation to become NetZERO.  One challenge that Hallmark Electronics felt they had was that they simply couldn’t provide any downtime due to the sheer volume of work they carry out.  Again this is a very common problem and one that the team at Reels in Motion are familiar with and have a vast amount of experience with.  Filming in a live environment does offer different challenges but nothing we cannot overcome through pre production planning.  We soon put the marketing team at ease and educated them on how we could work together and create a schedule that minimised business interference yet still producing an excellent end result. Reels in Motion handles all script writing and recording of the voice over . The client was really pleased with the final film that they said was way beyond their expectations and found the process of working with Reels in Motion a real pleasure.

Working with Reels in Motion was an extremely pleasurable experience. A highly professional team that I would highly recommend. The finish film is exactly what wen had hoped for.

John Malpass – Hallmark Electronics

Well done to the team a very enjoyable project and the client was a pleasure to work with.

Phil Bland – Reels in Motion – Creative Director

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