Project of the Month: Slicker Recycling

‘This video is the John Lewis moment for our industry’ 

Mark Olpin, Slicker Recycling Executive Chairman 

When Slicker Recycling approached Reels in Motion to help develop a video campaign which would educate and inspire their target audiences to become real-life sustainability heroes, we thought YES – this is a great brief!

But when they then said it also needed to be fun, quirky, and really stand out in an industry that typically markets itself in a more, shall we say, traditional way, it became one of our favourite briefs we’ve had in the 20 years we’ve been producing videos.  

After developing a range of different approaches and storyboards to choose from, Slicker Recycling went with one of our ideas that would really stand out and give them a unique voice in the marketplace, and Erika’s Sustainability Journey was born.  

Slicker Recycling

Slicker’s decision to take such a bold approach has been rewarded. It has been received with huge admiration and has delivered against it’s ROI and KPI targets. The video has also made waves in the award arena, with Reels in Motion celebrating three nominations in the Evcom Clarion Awards.  

These comments from the Slicker team really help to show how powerful video can be, and how working with an experienced, reliable and creative video partner can deliver the results you need.  

slicker recycling

Testimonials from Slicker Recycling

We were chuffed to receive such amazing feedback from Slicker Recycling, it was evident that this project was a big milestone for their company, and a testament to the time, effort and creativity we dedicated to creating this project.

“It truly is like nothing the industry has seen before and the reaction has been overwhelming. We were due to attend the UK Lubricants Association Sustainability Conference and we shared the video with them beforehand. They were so impressed that they ended up using it to open the conference as it was “the most innovative example of driving sustainability awareness” they had ever seen. Everyone now knows our brand; everyone is talking about sustainability and everyone wants to take action.”

Mark Olpin, Slicker Recycling Executive Chairman 

“Erika’s Sustainability Journey is a gamechanger for us. We now have a marketing tool that educates, entertains and empowers our customers to want to make a difference and genuinely inspires them to help save the planet. It perfectly encapsulates our brand values and is already having a positive long-term impact on our business performance and growth.” 

Laura Carter, Slicker Recycling Managing Director 

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