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Reels in Motion work with Foodhub to create a social video content for their video library.  The footage is used to create video content for their social media channels. The Creation of high-quality content is essential in any sector but non more so that in the food sector.  In such a competitive sector Foodhub turned to Reels in Motion to create content that would stop the scroller and get those click throughs to buy. The filming took place at our studio facility in the Midlands, Stoke Studios.  Our production team managed a heavy schedule that covered a full selection of Foodhub clients.  Reels had to shoot the content meaning it could translate in the edit for all social media platforms.

Reels in Motion brought in specialist food preparation team to help set the food correctly for filming.  Ensuring that everything was presented in the best possible way for production.  Not only did this improve the quality of what ended on the screen but also ensured that the production remained on schedule.  Bringing in these specialistic skills ensured that like all productions we deliver absolute quality.  Along with the additional crew there were additional specialist equipment to elevate the final deliverables.


An exciting one to be involved with. A very heavy schedule but an excellent team effort to shoot such a huge amount of content for our client in 1 day. Really beneficial working with Ben and the expertise he brought. Some really creative thinking on set got some additional gold we hadn’t storyboarded either so that’s always a win for the client.

Harri Capernaros – Production Manager Reels in Motion

It was excellent to be part of the Reels team. I get to do a lot of this type of work and I must say the experience on the Foodhub shoot was an excellent one. Very creative professional team and lovely to work with.

Ben Bartlett – Board Member Master Chefs of Great Britain

The schedule was packed, and we were working with food which throws up different challenges.  Yet we shot some real quality for our client’s social media channels.  Brining in specialistic support crew as well as different grip kit gave the team some real opportunities to capture the quality, we wanted to deliver to the Foodhub team.  The client was really really please with the content library they could create on the back on one single days shoot.

Great team effort

Who Made it Happen

Harri Capernaros

Harri is a senior Production Manager at Reels in Motion

Holly Friesner

Holly is one of the videographers at Reels in Motion.

Matt Hubbard

Matt is the Account Director at Reels in Motion and manages clients through to Pre Production. He is also a Reels in Motion founder.

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